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Best Autoclave Supplier in China

Since 1992, we as an autoclave supplier, have operated in Bursa with a total area of 55.000 m2, comprising 10.000 m2 of enclosed space for the production of water chemistry, industrial boilers, and autoclave equipment. However, production of the items is done in response to customer requests. Therefore, by customer requests, we are constantly prepared to work with our integrated personnel.

We, as top autoclave supplier, think that superior products should be supported by superior customer service. Throughout the entire lifecycle of your autoclave, our committed customer care staff is here to help you. Thus, by providing dependable solutions and exceptional service, we want to build lasting connections with our clients. Thereby, ensuring that your sterilization operations continue without interruption.

Uncompromised Quality Autoclave Supplier

We, as autoclave supplier, are aware that various sectors demand specialized sterilization solutions. Therefore, to serve a multitude of uses, from medical and laboratory settings to research institutions and beyond, we provide a wide array of autoclaves outfitted with cutting-edge technology. However, we create unique autoclave systems that meet particular needs. Our team of professionals collaborates directly with clients, providing optimal performance and reliable outcomes.

Everything we do has a focus on quality and safety as an autoclave supplier. Our dedication to offering dependable and secure sterilization solutions is visible in the engineer to meet and exceed international standards as an electric boiler suppliers. Each autoclave goes through extensive testing and quality assurance methods to ensure its sturdiness, effectiveness, and accuracy. Thus, we put the operators’ and the goods sterilizer’s safety first to provide customers peace of mind.


  • How long can an autoclave last?

    To maintain the chamber temperature of at least 250°F for 30 minutes, autoclaves require saturated steam under pressure of roughly 15 pounds per square inch.

  • How frequently should we clean an autoclave?

    Clean the autoclave once a week or every 20 cycles for the best results

  • Does the autoclave need water?

    You only need to pour water into the top-loading lid of the autoclave to turn it on, making sure the heating element completely submerge.

  • Can autoclaves damage heat-sensitive items?

    Yes, some items may be sensitive to heat and pressure, so proper assessment is necessary before autoclaving.

  • Can autoclaves be used for liquids?

    Yes, autoclaves can sterilize liquids, but careful preparation is required to prevent spills or contamination.