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Quality Gas Fired Hot Water Boiler

For those who know and care, we established in 1945 to produce gas fired hot water boiler and autoclaves. However, we develop and produce steam boilers and hot water boilers for a range of uses. One of the most reputable turnkey boiler suppliers in China, Industrial Boiler & Mechanical has over six decades of experience and over 10,000 projects to its name.

We concentrate on providing individualized design and service for gas fired hot water boiler. Thus, offering affordable pricing and consistent delivery schedules. While providing superior technical solutions to meet the distinct steam and hot water needs of our clients. Our staff members’ 60 years of combined experience in the boiler sector will be useful to you.

Dedication to Excellence

Because of their excellent energy efficiency, our gas fired hot water boiler is famous to result in lower energy costs and a smaller carbon imprint. These boilers burn natural gas, which produces fewer emissions than conventional oil-fired systems. However, Water tube steam boiler are also created using advances in technology to reduce heat loss and maximize fuel efficiency. Thus, ensuring that you get the maximum heat from every cubic foot of gas used.

The most important factor in heating is dependability. Because they consistently function well throughout their lives, our gas fired hot water boiler excels in this regard. These boilers offer accurate temperature regulation. Therefore, ensuring a comfortable indoor atmosphere regardless of the outside weather thanks to their safety features and cutting-edge control systems. This dependability makes sure that even in the coldest months, you and your family may enjoy a warm and comfortable area.


How long does it take a gas boiler to heat water?

Depending on the type of boiler you have installed, it takes an average of 20 to 30 minutes to heat more water.

Is water supply essential for a gas boiler?

If boilers didn’t include a variety of sensors and controls, turning it on without any water to heat would likely result in damage.

Are gas boilers electrically powered?

Gas boilers still require a tiny amount of energy to operate.

Is professional installation necessary for a gas-fired boiler?

Yes, professional installation is crucial to ensure the safety, efficiency, and proper functioning of the boiler.

Are there eco-friendly options for gas-fired boilers?

Yes, there are high-efficiency models that produce lower emissions and are more environmentally friendly.

Can a gas boiler be converted to use a different fuel type?

In some cases, it’s possible to convert a gas boiler to use a different fuel, but it’s recommended to consult a professional before attempting.