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Quality Oil Fired Boiler Suppliers in China

We are one of the best manufacturers of contemporary boilers in China. We provide thermal oil heaters, hot water boilers, and steam boilers. Our top oil fired boiler plant is based in Wuxi, with a production area of 150 000 square meters, and top-notch production tools. Also, we have earned ISO 9001:2000 international quality system accreditation. Therefore, we are providing you with economical and environmentally responsible heating solutions.

We, as fire tube steam boiler manufacturers, are aware of how crucial a dependable heating system is, particularly in cold areas. Our oil fired boiler can last a very long time and work exceptionally well. However, we have the ideal boiler for your heating needs, whether you need one for a small residential building or a sizable business space. Thus, our boilers are made to maintain constant warmth while consuming the least amount of energy possible.

Wide Range of Products

Discover our wide selection of precisely made oil fired boiler that are technologically innovative. However, to meet different needs for space and warmth, we provide a range of sizes and combinations. Therefore, our product portfolio meets all of your heating demands, from small, space-saving units to huge, powerful boilers for larger buildings. You can always get assistance from our team of experts as you navigate the selection process.

We ensure that the decision you make is in line with your unique needs. As the industry’s top provider, we take pride in providing a broad selection of modern oil boiler that can meet both residential and commercial heating needs. Thus, we serve as your dependable partner for effective and dependable heating solutions with a dedication to excellence and client satisfaction.


How frequently should a boiler that burns oil be replaced?

Oil boilers can last 10 to 15 years, efficiency is constantly rising thanks to technological advancements.

Why does an oil-fired suddenly stop?

If your oil boiler senses a defect in the system, it can immediately shut down or “lockout.”

How long should an oil boiler run?

A functioning boiler should run for approximately 8 to 15 minutes before turning off and on again.

What type of oil is used in these boilers?

Heating oil, often referred to as “No. 2 fuel oil,” is commonly used in oil-fired boilers.

Is regular maintenance necessary for an oil-fired boiler?

Yes, regular maintenance is essential to ensure optimal performance and safety of your oil-fired boiler.