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Autoclave-aerated building materials steam curing equipment

Product Advantages:

Aerated building material autoclave is a large-scale heavy weight pressure vessel. It is widely used for steaming the building materials such as aerated concrete blocks, concrete pipe piles, lime sand bricks, new lightweight wall materials, high-strength gypsum, etc.

  1. wide applications: steaming grey sand bricks, fly ash bricks, aerated concrete blocks, high-strength cement poles, pipe piles and other cement products, and also suitable for wood, medicine, chemical industry, glass, fiber, insulation materials, rubber, poultry and livestock sterilization, etc.
  2. Automatic control system of the autoclave uses a programmable controller or touch screen control, can separately control and monitor the door opening and closing of all autoclaves.
  3. The system can also realize the boost, hold pressure, step down of autoclaves



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