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DSMK Condensing hot water boiler

Series  of Condensing Hot Water Boiler

DSMK condensing hot water boiler, with advanced fully premixed combustion technology, ensures full use of energy and stable operation; internal 316L stainless steel heat exchanger, anti-corrosion and anti-scaling, high thermal efficiency; intelligent control system, safe and convenient.

Product advantages:

  1. Water flows inside the water pipes,no explosion risk
  2. Stainless steel heat exchanger, long service life
  3. Fully premixed condensing technology, low combustion temperature
  4. System group control, keep the air-fuel ratio stable and avoid overheating
  5. Easy delivery, installation and operation
  6. Available industries: commercial and residential heating, hospitals,hotels, schools, etc.
  7. We offer installation, commissioning, technical consultation

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