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DSZQ Steam Generator

DSZQ steam generator has good safety, flexible layout, fully automatic operation, high output steam enthalpy, and low moisture. It is especially suitable for the supply of steam heat sources such as hospital disinfection, medical pharmacy, biological preparations, kitchen cooking, building materials steaming, animal husbandry, etc.

Product advantages:

  1. Low energy consumption, start up quickly, instant steam output
  2. Condensed water reuse, reduce gas and water costs
  3. Water storage less than 30 liters, low risk of explosion
  4. PLC intelligent control system, convenient and safe operation
  5. Easy delivery, installation and operation
  6. Available industries: hospital disinfection, pharmacy, food, building materials steaming, breeding, textile, printing and dyeing, etc.
  7. We offer installation, commissioning, technical consultation

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